Save me from this chaos

It’s going to be a week

It’s going to be a month

I have double work days practically all week,

On top of homework

on top of school

save me from this chaos

The chaos that I know I won’t handle

Even if I say I do


Blurb – the 100 Point system

This is just a small piece that I wrote up quickly for my current creative writing class and am in the process of trying to re-write amongst my various other projects.

I found this prompt on and decided to run with it! Hope you enjoy!

“Presidential candidate Jolene Harper is advocating for adoption centers all across the US to upgrade their housing system,” says the reporter on the television set, “‘The children who are under the 20 thousand parent point mark deserve to live lives in the same comfortability as those who cost more,’ says Harper. Her opponent, Anders Nilsson, on the other hand – is advocating for the development of higher intelligence in children starting at the thirty thousand parent point mark.”


There was a whirring sound as the TV switches off, echoed by the sound of a door opening from the hallway leading into the living room.


“Hi dad!”


“Hello sweetheart!” called John Buchanan from his position in the living room, “How was class?”

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