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So it begins

So, I don’t quite know what it is that I want to achieve by starting this blog, but maybe…maybe it’ll provide me with a different way to spew whatever it is that goes on inside this head of mine without having to spew it to the world via tumblr (who has forever ruined my desire to post personal things due to…well…)

Tumblr is weird. It’s weird for a lot of reasons that I won’t get into because one: I don’t particularly care and two: I’m on tumblr for fandom purposes.

I’ve met amazing people on there whose hearts I will break with ideas and I’ve seen ideas about TV shows and movies that I’ve been inspired by and have written about.

Either way tumblr is weird and I would rather not have to resort to spewing thoughts and things onto that…website. At least, not like I would here.

And it’s not youtube either that I open up my phone and take a video of myself talking about things I’ve realized about myself.

And it’s almost easier for me to write it all out instead, so we’ll see. And then maybe we’ll go one to video blogs.

Or I’ll alternate or whatever. We’ll see.

So for now,

Hi my name is Adrienne and this is my diary!


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