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It’s raining men!


It’s not actually raining men today but it’s wet and damp and oh my God,  where has my weekend gone?

Also, I overslept today, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just missed my yoga class at 8 am today.

And I woke up like 3 hours too early too.

I mean, it’s too late to reminisce now but still.

There’s still a part of me that’s upset that I didn’t wake up in time again for this.

Either way, I am up and going to the gym which is most definitely better than nothing so…

I also woke up from the weirdest dream today.

I had a dream that Keegan Michael Key (Key and Peele, Whose Line is it Anyway) told me I was doing everything wrong while I was at the gym.

Woke up kind of upset which isn’t ever fun, especially when you’ve already got self image issues.

But the most important thing is: I am going to the gym today.

I might not lose much weight between now and the end of next month but I’ll still be going to the gym.

And nothing against Keegan Michael Key by the way, he’s great. I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

He just happened to be at the other end of my dream last night.

Thanks for reading WordPress. I appreciate it.


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