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Consider the following: Moms

Have you ever had those feelings where you spend time with your mother and you just think to yourself: “Gee, my mum sure deserves better?”

Like, sure, we have Mother’s Day every single year and Christmas and their birthdays to give them presents but year after year, I feel like whatever it is that I give my mum isn’t quite enough.

It’s never enough and I hate it. I hate that I can’t give my mum whatever she needs to be happy.

Have you, the listeners (readers) ever felt you owe your mother ten times more than what she deserves?

I don’t know.

Just, ever since my dad passed away four years ago, my mum has been working so hard to keep a roof over my family’s head.

She even had to deal with me struggling with depression for nearly a year and a half afterwards.

I honestly owe her a lot for having to raise me and my sister.

It just sucks that I feel I can’t give her everything she deserves and more.



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