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It’s a beautiful day!

And I can’t stop myself from smiling.

Ten points to whoever can tell me what the name of that song is.

It’s Monday. And it’s my weekend, which is nice.

Who needs to do errands when it’s nice and sunny today?

Not me, that’s for sure.

I mean yes, there are still dishes to do and laundry to wash and a pair of fraying jeans to repair but who needs to do them?

That being said I should probably do the dishes.

I never do the dishes.


I think I’ll make up for it by vacuuming.

Or by ACTUALLY doing the dishes after dinner tonight.

Knowing my mum, she’ll probably end up doing the dishes when she gets home.

So much for being the world’s best daughter.

I’ll figure it out.


Doing the dishes won’t kill me.

In the meantime, expect pictures of a wonderful view later.

Until next time WordPress.


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