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So it’s been a while…

It’s been a while and life has been rather busy.

The last time we spoke was last week and I had just finished my walk up in Steveston.

I still haven’t done my actual Job Dialogue thing at work which is still kind of nerve-wracking.

It’s still not something I’m too terribly worried about though.

I also never did end up finishing that scholarship application.

Turns out the deadline was last Tuesday and not last Wednesday like I had anticipated.

It’s upsetting because it’s an opportunity lost but at least it gives me a chance to try again next year.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

I had a pretty crazy work week last week too.

I’m learning how to close now which is rather interesting.

It’s exhausting but I manage.

I like learning new things.

Also spent the majority of yesterday eating which was nice.

I went out to Steveston Village again, along with a friend of mine named Clara.

She’s really sweet.

Here are the highlights of the past week.


Fish and Chips for breakfast, fish and chips for dinner and time spent with people who are important to me.

It was fun!

Here’s to hoping this week is just as fun.

Thanks for reading WordPress!


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