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Hello out there, it’s on the air,

It’s Oscar night tonight!

And coincidentally it’s also hockey night for the city of Vancouver as the Vancouver Canucks have a game vs the San José Sharks.

So far the score is 1-0 Canucks for the afternoon and the awards for best Original Screenplay and best Adapted Screenplay have been given out!

Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight as well as Charles Randolph and Adam McKay’s The Big Short have won respectively.

I will admit I have seen neither of these movies but as an aspiring writer, I really ought to check them out!

It will be a great learning experience!

Expect more updates soon!

UPDATE: Mad Max Fury Road has won 6 of its 11 nominations so far you have no idea how THRILLED I am for them!

Also Alicia Vikander is amazing
and has won Best Supporting Actress omfg.



on the downside the Canucks lost but otherwise FINALLY


Last Update before bed:

Congratulations to all those who were nominated for and won in their respective categories and most especially to the crew members of Mad Max Fury Road for winning 6 of its 10 nominations.

Good night, rest well and thanks for reading WordPress!


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