Easter dinner and life in general.

So, the fact that I haven’t been writing as much on here lately is either a sign of me being way too busy for my own good or is a sign that I’ve been letting everything build up and should be using this website (or knitting. I like knitting) as an outlet for said emotions.

For example.  It’s going to be Easter soon. Easter dinner is the one dinner that I find myself actually looking forward to every year.

And that’s usually because I quite literally see all the relatives I don’t talk to or see as often as I do my paternal grandparents and their children.

I also get the gloriously good Filipino food like pancit and this beef stew thing that I keep forgetting the name of.

Great Filipino aren’t I?

Not even knowing the names of typical Filipino Food.

There’s even going to be Lumpia. I hope.

But then again, I might not even be going. Big family dinners usually stress me out, especially since they involve me being courteous to my grandma, sisters and to my aunt.

Mind you, my extended family are Conservative Catholics which is not a bad thing. I’ve known conservative Catholics to be open minded.

There are just a lot of things we don’t agree on.

They also don’t have any sense of boundaries. My aunt has been known bring up things that I would never talk to her about, like pap smears and breast cancer checks.

Albeit, all these things would be fine had I brought them up myself and if she was a person I could trust and could talk to about things. But she’s not.

My grandma has also been the same. Not the most supportive, doesn’t always say the right things and she has called me fat and has told me to lose weight in the past.

Yes, weight is a real issue for me too but I don’t think relatives should be calling their 14 year old granddaughters and nieces fat.

Does bad things for their self esteem.

Didn’t affect me very much, I’ll have you know but you can imagine why family get togethers are uncomfortable.

“When are you going back to school?”

“Have you been to church today?”

‘Oh, Adrienne. Your relatives are supposed to be like that.’

But what relatives call 14 year olds fat?

There’s a lot of negative things I associate with my extended family.

Causes a lot of stress and to an extend anger that they would treat me so.

And with that I have just proved that using this website as an outlet is a very very good thing for me and that I should use it more often.

Anyways, I thank you for reading if you came this far.

Until next time WordPress.


P.S. I don’t think I’ll be attending easter dinner this year. We’ll see.


Knitting, music and rain oh my!

Trigger warning – talk of writing about suicide and mental illness.

On the very brief subject of knitting, I really want to start a new project on something other than scarves.

But then I don’t have enough practice with scarves either so, I might just stick with scarves until I feel comfortable enough to start something new.

I also leave for Germany in two weeks oh my god.

I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so excited yet kinda sad at the same time.

I don’t want to say goodbye to Middle Earth yet.

I don’t even want to say see you later! Because I will see Middle Earth later.

It just won’t be the same as immersing myself in the world whilst there is new material to work with.

So. We’ll see. otherwise oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening.

I can not wait.

Adventure here I come.

Also, I’ve decided what it is I’m going to work on for Camp NaNoWriMo this year.

It’s gonna be a bunch of little stuff for fanfiction and projects and stuff.  Like,  there’s this original short story that I want to write about how the world mourns when someone commits suicide.

Brief touches on depression and struggling with it so… yeah. Portfolio ideas man.

That does remind me to start drawing though omg.

I would like to start drawing again too. But there is also knitting and my coloring book that I also use as creative outlets. Not to mention the gif making that I do whenever I feel like going to the library.

I have got so many creative outlets it’s ridiculous.

I also spend so much time not actually doing them so you’d think I would spend that time doing things like actually staying active for once.

But I don’t know how long it I can stand staying at the gym without it feeling borderline obsessive.

I mean, a couple hours at the gym every other day isn’t gonna kill me.

And with summer coming up, I could use my bike instead. So.

We’ll see.

Anyways, thanks for reading WordPress, I’ll see you next time.

Camp NaNoWriMo

So Camp NaNoWriMo is in 24 days (my trip to Germany starts in 21) and I am ready for neither.

I DO have a writing book that I DO use. Sometimes. It’s just a book for character development, plot line stuff but I might just end up writing fanfiction for Camp NaNoWriMo which is fine.

It just sucks because I want to be able to write Original stuff but it never quite works out the way I want to.

We shall see.

Also, I am now officially down to 149 lbs, which is great. Now I just have to keep it off and continue working on eating more veggies than carbs and protein.

It’ll do me some good.

And maybe bring some guacamole into the mix.

Have it for breakfast with eggs or whatever. And a banana.

I have also started running again. And by running I mean training to run 5 k and do yoga at the same time. Do recover or whatever.

And that has been me and fitness. Not much. Quick update.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon!


Dear WordPress

So, I have to admit, I’m still trying to figure out if writing here on a daily basis will be a good thing.

Or on a semi daily basis.

It also might be good for you (me) to say things via video every once in a while.

but then I also need to learn to… well. NOT be staring at my phone all day.

Which admittedly, I have done ever since I got my new one.

Anyways, I’ve started yoga which is nice.

And I’ve picked up a therapeutic coloring book which quite frankly hasn’t worked quite as well as the knitting has for relaxing.

But at least I won’t get tired of knitting all day long.

It also doesn’t help that I missed placed my copy of Game of Thrones.

I was so looking forward to…well.

Finishing it.

I’ll put it on hold. See what happens.

If I find it then all the more for it!


thanks for reading WordPress!