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Feeling angsty and overwhelmed

Dear wordpress,

Maybe overwhelmed isn’t quite the right word but I’m feeling an awful lot everything so maybe it’s overly amount of…

So maybe overwhelmed is the right word after all.

I’m getting frustrated over little things that I shouldn’t be frustrated about and over things I could handle better but it’s hard when half the time I’ve barely got enough energy to do anything.

Part of me thinks that it’s because I don’t actually do enough exercise to keep me energized and eat enough veggies to do so

But then one can sick of eating guacamole veggie wraps every week.

I will stick with it for now, see how it goes.

And I will actually have enough money this week to buy things for my wrap so hopefully that’ll mean more veggies and energy to manage all the negativity better.

Life is rough

See you soon WordPress


2 thoughts on “Feeling angsty and overwhelmed

  1. Feeling the same here buddy, only that i dont even try to eat vegggies or exercise, maybe exercise but i never have the balls to do it constantly, because i think it will take away time from me.


    • Thanks! And I totally feel the same way about exercise taking time away from me.

      Plus there’s the added factor of having so many OTHER things I wanna do but feel it all will take away from everything else.

      Life man. It’s weird


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