Making Mistakes

Dear WordPress.

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to make mistakes when you’re worked up.

It’s super easy for me to get worked up to, it’s ridiculous.

“Don’t be so emotional Adrienne. Be more diligent Adrienne.”

Be more dilligent, yes but don’t forget what it’s like to be human.

You make mistakes. That’s it.

All I have to do is remember.

Good night. Thanks for reading.


The little things.

Dear WordPress.

I cried over not knowing where fresh horseradish there was yesterday.

And nobody  else was blaming me for not knowing where it was.

I just didn’t know and that SHOULD be fine but it’s apparently not.

I am apparently still not okay with making mistakes and that is frustrating.

I am working hard to change but change as always, comes slowly and will take time.
Here’s to change.
Thanks for reading wordprsss.