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Old Habits die hard

And my habits have apparently died very hard.

Whatever plans I had to write every other day or to be healthy and go to the gym on the regular basis went out the window ages ago.

Do I have an excuse? Yes. Should I be using it? No, no I shouldn’t be. I should be capable of getting up early in order to go for a work out every week. I haven’t worked out consistently for a long while now.

I am so capable of doing this and shouldn’t be on wordpress complaining about how I’m not doing more of it on a regular basis.

And every time I say to myself, ‘Oh, I’m going to wake up early tomorrow morning, it’s gonna happen…”

It hasn’t happened yet.

I almost don’t want to do with myself because whenever I try, it doesn’t work. I also consistently never go to bed early which could also coincide with my current work schedule, but let’s hope I can get it back under control soon. I would love to be able to get back to working out (if not early tomorrow morning, then Friday.)

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