Week 2.5 – College stuff

Second week of school halfway done, so far so good.

 I’ve a history quiz later still which is unnerving – I studied the wrong books. Something I didn’t know until Monday. I’m reviewing still but it’s a mistake I had to make in order to learn.

No use stressing too much about it now. I’ve review to do still and I’ll do my best either way. I’ll repeat all my key words so it’ll stick better. 

At least I know which book to study now. I’ve the rest of the year to do better. 

I don’t know what to make of such positivity or of such – determination to follow through. 

It’s weird. It’s nice. It’s comforting. I feel like I’m finally making something of myself – or rather discovering more of myself. 

The confidence is there. All I must do is draw from it.

Thanks for reading WordPress!



School Adventures Week 1

Well, I survived my first week at college

I’m only taking three courses this semester, which is fine enough – It’s so much more than I thought it would be. 

Especially my History class – keeping in mind it’s a second year course. There’s gonna be twice as much reading.

I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out but I think I’ll manage. It’s only the first week after all.

I’m hoping…I don’t know what I’m hoping. I’m definitely aiming to be healthy though. 

Being healthy and doing my best is what’s most important right now. I have school and work to think of and balance right now, so I’m hoping everything works out fine.

I am determined to make it so. All my courses are ones I am excited to take and to continue pursuing. 

ESPECIALLY the Creative Writing.

Thanks for reading WordPress!

All the best


Dear WordPress,

I’ve recently remembered how easy it is to forget why I start doing things like these.

It’s mostly for myself.

I write blogs because it’s fun. I write blogs because I want to remember.

I want to make videos because I want to remember how good it feels to do the things I do ( which most days, is not much ).

That’s not to say that I have a lot of bad days. I just have a lot of neutral days where things don’t often stand out.

But then, most days I spend trying to figure out how to make the day productive. Most of it is taking care of myself or doing laundry or trying to schedule meet ups with friends.

Most recently, I’ve been trying to figure out what my extra curricular schedule is gonna look like during school.

So far I’ve gotten down to wake up at 5:45 am, have breakfast and slowly wake up, and then at aroumd 7 or 8am walk to school.

As my morning classes start at 8:30 and 9:30 am respectively on Monday – Thursday, I’d prefer to be as awake as humanely possible when I get there.

Not to mention the exercise will be great.

All these things I am doing for me.

I just…I may have forgotten that recently. Taking care of myself is important. Let’s hope this is gonna help me get there.