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Week 2.5 – College stuff

Second week of school halfway done, so far so good.

 I’ve a history quiz later still which is unnerving – I studied the wrong books. Something I didn’t know until Monday. I’m reviewing still but it’s a mistake I had to make in order to learn.

No use stressing too much about it now. I’ve review to do still and I’ll do my best either way. I’ll repeat all my key words so it’ll stick better. 

At least I know which book to study now. I’ve the rest of the year to do better. 

I don’t know what to make of such positivity or of such – determination to follow through. 

It’s weird. It’s nice. It’s comforting. I feel like I’m finally making something of myself – or rather discovering more of myself. 

The confidence is there. All I must do is draw from it.

Thanks for reading WordPress!



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