Being Ace

How on earth do you start a blog post about being asexual.

I’ve been sitting comfortably in my current sexual orientation for nearly a year and I feel like… I feel like there’s a lot to say, but I don’t know where to start.

I currently identify as bi-grey-asexual which means that I currently feel very little sexual attraction to both sexes.

I don’t participate much in discourse surrounding asexuality, but I know it’s there.

I’ve seen discussions surrounding how asexuals don’t exist and that heteroromantic asexuals don’t count just because it’s just disgusting because… if having a sexual orientation means that we are identifying who we are sexually attracted to then, asexuality describes just that.

We are sexually attracted to no one. That’s it.

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aNI Day 6

Where day 5 stopped (temporarily) with the basics of what (or who) is going to be my main character, Day 6 takes off with settings.

I’ve decided to alternate days between setting and characters, taking 2 days to work on one of each before switching to the other.

Unfortunately for me, this means that I have to now keep track on how much time I’m choosing to spend and procrastinate on homework.

Now, learning how to organize isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a bad thing to try and do when you’re already having trouble keeping up with courses and work all at once.

For example, now is a good time for me to spend on writing. I just got home from class and have been spending at most 15 minutes trying to figure out how to start this blog.

And now that I’m writing this, it’s a good excuse for me to then open up my book and to start writing. However, deciding to spend that time writing also takes away from the fact that I have to finish watching A Star is Born (1937) by 5:30 this evening.

Considering that my next class is at 6:30 this evening, doing any extra writing when I should be watching this movie is a bad idea.

But all that aside, my next step is to write about where my main character currently resides (Seattle, circa…not sure yet). I have every intention of turning this into a post apocalyptic novel, so we`ll see how well it goes.

May the writing Gods be with me and I thank you, wordpress for reading. Until next time!

aNI: Day 5 part 2

So, Day 5 of this long and exciting journey is done. My main character (or the basics of who she is) is written up for the most part.

It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

Her name is Aislinn. Her back story currently consists of a well paying job and a well to do family that has everything good gearing for them.

Nothing tragic, nothing that’s really torn their family apart or estranged them from their immediate family.

Aislinn is somewhere in her 20’s and has the ability to generate spatial force fields as well as remotely teleport.

It’s exhausting, but she manages. She’s more likely to flee rather than fight and doesn’t do well as speaking peacefully (she yells).

All of which is subject to change, of course, but that’s day 5 done, for the time being.

There are other characters to manage still, but I’ll likely leave a couple pages extra in my notebook before moving forward.

Tomorrow, Day 6!!

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A Novel Idea Day 5

A Novel Idea Day 5 of 365 has been pending since the end of December.

A big shout out to Shaunta Grimes for getting this started via her website/blog thing called What is a Plot.

After a brief period of being really anxious and freaking out over whether or not I’ll have enough money for this, I figured I might as well not regret it and actually try this thing out.

Basically, I try and write a novel and can get advice and things and what better way to make myself write things than write a blog about it.

A Novel Idea Day 5 has been pending since the end of December and I swear to god if I don’t get this one character partially written down by the end of the night, I am never going to get it done.

At least 20 minutes of….writing. Finishing, (I hope) what is the beginning of my main character for this novella thing that I want to write.

But that’s what this program thing is for. That’s what Shaunta is there for.

This blog is to get me going and I’ll be damned if I don’t make the most of this. If not now, then when?

Never. That’s when.

Here’s to 2017 and here’s to working to improve myself.