When I imagine love with you, It’s calming, it’s challenging,

It’s everything I want it to be –

I see the smiling, the laughing, the kissing

But it isn’t, isn’t,

Isn’t you, isn’t me,

Isn’t either of us

When I imagine love with you,

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t –

I don’t see it.


Do You Yoga day 1

The best thing about Do You Yoga is that every other challenge I come across is no more than 15 minutes long.

Today, I’ve started the 30 day Meditation and Yoga Challenge (both for beginners, both free, both equally fun so far).

The Yoga challenge I intend to do every morning before I go to school or to study, and the Meditation challenge, every evening before I go to bed.

So far so good!

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the anxiety is partway through the roof

and yet I feel I must power through

why must I feel I must power through when I can ask for help

when does it end

why must I wait


aNI Day 6

aNI day 5 and 6 are still on hold, despite my saying that I would gladly work on my characters/setting pages every 2 days, I am only done Seattle and my main character – that’s it.

I say to myself – oh I’ll write for 10 minutes every night. So far not happening. Maybe tonight. Maybe not.

We shall see.

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