Nothing about me

Poetry is hard, blogging is hard,

I feel like I have no voice in the matter

I am not important,

I am too emotional,

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.



An evolving dream

Dear WordPress,

Every time I think about writing I feel my dream is constantly evolving.

Write more.

Be more inspired.

Dream more.

Read more.

This time it’s storyboarding.

 I am currently outlining a storyboard/idea for potential drawing out and every time I think about it I want to scream. 

I don’t draw. Not yet anyways. Best I can do is lines on a page – stick figures. Nothing substantial.

It’s super annoying because I now have 25 days to do this and no time to try and do it and do it well. And yet I feel like I must try anyways.

But as a result, I aim to start drawing as much as possible – I have storyboards to draw and all that. Maybe get into the comic scene.

First things first – drawing. 

Thank you for reading WordPress!