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The Meds Diary 2

Dear Diary,

It’s March 22nd 2017 and whilst it still feels like the end of finals is a million miles away, it’s actually all done for me in a little over a month.

Meanwhile, my generalized anxiety disorder has been mixed in with a side of depression (this might have been in my last update) and I have group therapy starting in a little less than a month as well.

Now, group therapy. Many of you might be thinking: “Oh group therapy, gods. I have to talk to people. I have to tell them everything. 

I’m not sure this is going to be like that. I went to an orientation yesterday and the doctors we’ll be working with have insisted us not telling them everything, for privacy reasons.

Which I get. I’d probably tell my mom or my sister about some of the things someone else said during that group if they said. Which would be disrespectful, in any case.

So. That’s good. I wouldn’t want anything I say that’s extremely personal to get out to other people’s family anyway. Anyways. Yes. I have group therapy starting next month.

And one of the things that we’ll be working on is cognitive behavioral therapy, which I was thinking about doing in a personal notebook of my own.

But I also have a blog. And I also think if I do this online, it would be beneficial for me. I might run into other people online who are going through something similar. It might motivate me into actually thinking more positively.

It might help me….I don’t know how it might help me. But it might. And I might as well start practicing.

Thank you for reading wordpress.

See you next time.



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