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The Meds Diaries

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - a treatment that helps people with mental
illnesses understand how to identify and potentially prevent their negative 
thoughts from influencing their behaviours and thus leading a better and 
happier life.

I have a therapy group starting in a few weeks and cognitive behavioural therapy will be used to help us manage our thoughts and all that jazz, so fingers crossed this will actually work.

Of course, this involves actually keeping track of our feelings and emotions, which I feel is going to be difficult because I personally get put off by the littlest things.

That, of course, will then proceed to affect the rest of my day, even if I recognize that I shouldn’t feel that way about it.

So. Well, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe this will help me be more organized. Maybe I should be starting that now (I’m not. There’s so much to do, and I have so little energy to do it with.)

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading WordPress.




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