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College Adventures – Day unknown

So I am down for the semester in 7 days (not including today) and I must say, this is stressful.

I got through to the last stages of an interview process, which is great, only to have them tell me to reapply at the end of April, when I actually have time to work full time. Only difference is, I’m not sure I’ll be able to.

Albeit, I’ll reapply. I would like the experience and all that, I just can’t work Wednesdays. And then I really want to get my mum to LA in June. Thing is don’t know we will be able to. None of us barely have any money at the moment, so it’s rough.

Plus, I’d really like the change of pace. The job I’m applying to is sales – I’ll be selling Telus items to small businesses (and it’s nothing like a Telecom thing, apparently). And it’s all door to door and based on commission, which I would like to try.

It might not be for me, but I might as well try. I’ll reapply, for sure. Maybe I’ll actually be able to do this.

Anyways, school is coming to a close and I am freaking out. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Talk to you soon. Bye wordpress! ❤


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