Staying healthy

Dear WordPress,

I went for a 9 km run today which was really cool. Now to some of you, that may seem like a lot or really little, but for me…

For me it was perfect. It’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. There will be definitely be more hour plus long runs in the future for me.

Especially before school starts. There’s a lot of tension I’d like to diffuse before I’d start school, and it’s hard when I’ve got a job dialogue to worry about.

Not that I’m complaining about having to talk about all the things I can work on whilst at work, it’s just nerve wrecking.

I feel like I should be far more nervous about school than a job dialogue. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll be alright.

But on the bright side, an hour long run today was nice, there will be yoga for me tomorrow morning and then another run on Tuesday and hopefully my papers for my dialogue will be all filled out by the end of the evening and everything I’m worried about that’s work related will be done by the end of the month.

I will be fine.


Thanks for reading wordpress!


Old Habits die hard

And my habits have apparently died very hard.

Whatever plans I had to write every other day or to be healthy and go to the gym on the regular basis went out the window ages ago.

Do I have an excuse? Yes. Should I be using it? No, no I shouldn’t be. I should be capable of getting up early in order to go for a work out every week. I haven’t worked out consistently for a long while now.

I am so capable of doing this and shouldn’t be on wordpress complaining about how I’m not doing more of it on a regular basis.

And every time I say to myself, ‘Oh, I’m going to wake up early tomorrow morning, it’s gonna happen…”

It hasn’t happened yet.

I almost don’t want to do with myself because whenever I try, it doesn’t work. I also consistently never go to bed early which could also coincide with my current work schedule, but let’s hope I can get it back under control soon. I would love to be able to get back to working out (if not early tomorrow morning, then Friday.)

Thanks for reading WordPress!



Making Mistakes

Dear WordPress.

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to make mistakes when you’re worked up.

It’s super easy for me to get worked up to, it’s ridiculous.

“Don’t be so emotional Adrienne. Be more diligent Adrienne.”

Be more dilligent, yes but don’t forget what it’s like to be human.

You make mistakes. That’s it.

All I have to do is remember.

Good night. Thanks for reading.

The little things.

Dear WordPress.

I cried over not knowing where fresh horseradish there was yesterday.

And nobody  else was blaming me for not knowing where it was.

I just didn’t know and that SHOULD be fine but it’s apparently not.

I am apparently still not okay with making mistakes and that is frustrating.

I am working hard to change but change as always, comes slowly and will take time.
Here’s to change.
Thanks for reading wordprsss.